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Discover 11 Places YOUR Energy Gets STUCK and Get It Flowing Freely Again

Blocked energy can manifest a whole spectrum of frustrations, diseases and lack, but I have a simple process to remove these blocks

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Are You Ready for a Quantum Leap in Your Consciousness That'll Transform Your Entire Life?

When you stop and think about the 5 major areas of your life, you probably feel stuck in one or more of them. I’m referring to your:

  • Health & Vitality
  • Happiness & Fulfillment
  • Friendships & Romantic Relationships
  • Career & Finances
  • Life Purpose & Spiritual Realizations

Based on helping more than 40,000 people through private sessions, workshops and classes, I’ve developed an accelerated approach to remove the hidden energetic blocks that keep you stuck.

These amazingly effective techniques will shift you into the life you’ve been waiting so long for, and I want to share them with you today!

I have created a FREE audio program that will further explain the 11 areas of blockage and guide you through several powerful processes to remove your blocks.

Even if you think things can’t change, I promise you they can. I’ve helped thousands of people just like you and believe me, positive transformation IS possible and it’s waiting for you!

What others are saying

Michael Bernard Beckwith

Illumined by direct experience, Jonathan Parker takes us on a deep exploration of the soul, demonstrating a remarkable convergence with the profound spiritual states of consciousness reported across centuries and cultures…

Michael Bernard Beckwith, author of “Spiritual Liberation”
Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D.

...All of us need to cultivate our connection with our soul. The Soul Solution offers us a superb path to integrate the wisdom of our soul with our individual life path, allowing stressful issues to be, as Jonathan Parker writes, ‘dissolved by the Soul’.

Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D., Professor of Energy Medicine
Larry Dossey, MD

Deep within each individual is a source of wisdom that can help us lead a fulfilled, joyful life.  Jonathan Parker’s The Soul Solution is a practical guide to accessing this glorious dimension in our desire to lead a meaningful existence.

Larry Dossey, MD, author of “Healing Words”

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