Bonus Audio Programs

3rd Eye & Psychic Development Toolkit Psychic-Mind-Power-150

Everyone has the ability to be psychically and intuitively sensitive.  The key is learning to tune into this natural ability and then continue practicing and developing the skill.  The meditative sessions in this program will guide you to do this. There are meditations to open you to receive answers to questions, see the future, open clairvoyant and psychometry ability, telepathy, channeling and aura reading.

Higher Self Guidance Higher-Self-150

Your Higher Self is sometimes called your Master Self, True Self, or God within. Developing an ability to receive answers and guidance from your Higher Self is one of the most beneficial abilities you could ever have. Now with the 4 guided meditations you can open yourself to expert loving guidance and discover vital insights and revelations.

Higher Connections - Communicate with Angels, Guides & Master Teachers

You never need to feel alone on your path when you are in contact with angels, master teachers, and guides. Open your communication with the beings of love who await your call to assist you in all your needs.

Aura Reading – Insights from Subtle Energy

Expand and heighten your natural intuition and higher –sense perceptions to see and understand the subtle energies around people, animals, and plants.